_ How to improve communication between Altran Pr[i]me Labs ?

In this project, we tried to help Altran Pr(i)me Labs to communicate easier on their projects, their activities and availabilities.
Furthermore, the goal was to create a real team spirit between these labs and use a playful dimension. To do that, we tried to use the tools which they use everyday and make them tangibles. One employee can ask a question on the Hali slackbot and a light appear on the array of notifications in each lab. Then, all employees can go in the open space and read the question and answer to help their colleague! The screen in this space inform also them of who is available in each lab, what are their skills, or on which project they are working.
To make the device more human, every employee can also take a selfie and it is immediately sent on the others screens and on a flickr account.

Team work : Lucas Guillon Verne, Paul Bouisset, Paulin Giret, Guillaume Allemon, Charlotte Jacob.
My skills in this project : Brainstorming, technology, graphic design, oral and written communication.